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~~~In Memoriam ~~~

Paul Spodar 1922-2010

On October 3, 2010 my father departed on his final flight, one that we all must take one day. My father wore many hats, he was a soldier, a fireman, a husband, a father and a grandfather. He was my best friend. I love you and miss you Dad…


The Eagle Has Taken Flight

Taking flight with unfettered wings

The Eagle soars on whispered winds

Released from fates capricious whim

No longer bound by that which held him

Mourn not, the eagles' fleeting flight

As his wings are kissed by evening light.

He Casts away the pains of life

Finally free of earthly strife.


By Sharon Spodar

October 2010



My good friend Tony Plowright in England did a remembrance tribute for my father. He took a cross he made and placed it on the 384th Bombardment group 8th Air Force memorial on the site of the former airfield in Grafton-Underwood England in which my Dad and his crew flew out of during WWII.

Tony, many thanks are wished upon you. God Bless you and your family. ~~Sharon~~



~~In Memoriam~~

Emil Joseph Spodar

April 15, 1924 – October 5, 2006

Emil was my father’s younger brother. He served in the Merchant Marines for 40 years working in the engine room. During WWII he served on the Victory and Liberty ships that carried supplies and our troops around the world to where they were needed.

A gentle soul has passed. Peacefully sleep comes to a dear, beloved heart. Quietly we understand that the time has come to part. Tenderly the love shines on ~~ a never ending light.  Gratefully we feel its warmth, and say sweet dreams and good night Uncle Emil…




                                                                          ~~ In Memoriam ~~ 

                                  George James Brinckley

                       Passed away at age 85 on September 8, 2015  


On this page that is dedicated to my Father and Uncle I now add my good friend George. I met George during my research of my Dad's planes in particular, the B17 " Big Moose". He too was on a quest to find out information about the plane because when he was a lad he witnessed the plane crash landing in a field in England. In later years George became friends with the first crew of that plane. The first crew were the ones who crash landed in the field. My father's crew got the plane after being repaired after the crash. They were the last crew to fly Big Moose when they were shot down during the Schweinfurt ball bering plant raid. 

George served in Her Majesty's military and later in life he participated in WWII reenactments of pivotal events from the war with his WWII Jeep. He made his final trip in his beloved "Willy" to his resting place.

Rest In Peace George. You had enriched so many lives including mine. Thank you for your friendship.